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  • Conferences

Seminars, training sessions and informative events are more popular than ever. These are occasions on which to communicate, create holistic experiences in circumstances of intense concentration and conscious relaxation. Working together, we develop personalised design possibilities. The more informed we are about the wishes of our guests, the better we are able to implement their ideas: from a communicative buffet to a bowling night, from event technology to exciting outdoor activities.

  • The seminar and conference hotel in Kassel and its surrounds

    Situated in the heart of Germany, the location is absolutely perfect. No matter whether you travel by car or train, you can easily reach us from every direction.

    Top location

    A central location increases the appeal of any venue. Northern Hessian including Kassel and the surrounding area (and thus Bad Emstal), are right in the heart of Germany – and also in the middle of Europe. Whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west, the travel distance is the same. The ideal way to save time and money!

    Motorway connection

    • A 44, Zierenberg connection point, only 12 minutes
    • A 7, Guxhagen connection point, only 20 minutes
    • A 49, Gudensberg connection point, 15 minutes


    • ICE Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station, 20 minutes with hotel shuttle service

    Hotel – 52 rooms, including 4 suites and 6 apartments

    Rooms – Our light-flooded rooms are perfect for seminars, conferences, meetings, congresses, incentives and other events.

    Equipment – We provide modern equipment such as a beamer, notebook and free Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel. In addition to the hotel Wi-Fi, there is another wireless router in the conference area in order to provide a suitable internet bandwidth.

    Outdoor – Being a conference hotel with green surroundings we support you in organising numerous outdoor activities. The nearby Kurpark is the ideal spot to take a jog or walk along modern fitness trails and Nordic walking paths. Also worth a visit: the Habichtswald Nature Park with the possibility for orienteering, tours and geocaching. We also have helpful maps and GPS navigation devices for you to use.

  • Flat-rate packages


Our eight seminar and event rooms are equipped with the latest media technology. Facilities such as a notebook and projector are included. Our comprehensive service is always available during your conference.

High-speed wireless internet connection

All meeting and hotel rooms offer wireless internet access. All guests are able to log in, and the best part: it’s free! You can download 8 Mbits/sec. and upload 7 Mbits/sec, which makes video conferencing possible. In addition to the regular hotel Wi-Fi there is another wireless router in the conference area to ensure a suitable capacity. Of course, an internet presentation in a small group during a business meal is also possible!

Framework programmes – for successful events!

  • Team programmes

    The dead girl at Habichtswaldsteig – a criminal hike
    Not for the faint-hearted: several stops, many puzzling clues, a mysterious investigator and a cruel murder! During a hiking tour (6 km) the team has to investigate who is the perpetrator. This event promises to be exciting, creating a special team experience.

    The kitchen party
    Wouldn’t you love to look over the shoulder of a real chef and get creative in the kitchen? Then you’ve found what you‘re looking for: you can cook together with your team, learn some tricks in the kitchen and of course enjoy eating it all when you’re done! Combined with lounge music and carefully selected wine, this will be an unforgettable experience.

    Emstaler “Olympic Games“
    Three gaming stations for several groups: archery, blowgun shooting, stone put, bicycle paths, sandbag holding, tyre rolling rally. Best teams will be acknowledged with awards and certificates.

    Orientation walk
    Participants receive a map and a “survival package”. At different stations the following tasks must be completed: tree trunk throwing, rappelling down steep terrain, nail hitting, beer barrel rolling and more.

    Archery event

    Quad trophy
    First comes the qualification, then the quad race begins on a pre-prepared path. Afterwards, a presentation ceremony will be held.

    Mountain bike trophy
    On the hotel grounds, your team can master a mountain bike trail. This can also be booked as a short event at the end of a conference.

  • Relaxing packages

    Relaxing spa in Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe
    Please make yourself at home in our small spa area. You can book a Hydro-Jet Massage, visit our Finnish and colour light therapy sauna or our own beauty parlour. Facials and body treatments such as aromatherapy massages with essential oils for the body, mind and soul (our “fairy-tale oasis“) complete the offer.

    Gym and adventure path “Art & Sports”
    You can playfully refine your skills and endurance according to your individual condition and strength. This is especially useful after lunch, to get you in top shape for your seminar.

    Work on your fitness and personality
    Tips for your workout, strength and physical serenity are demonstrated in different training sessions: yoga, autogenous training, meditation or exercise therapy and gymnastics.

    Thermal bath Bad Emstal
    A mineral spring rising from a depth of almost 800 m (34 ° C) awaits you at the thermal bath. Soothing warm water flowing around your body, just 200 m opposite Emstaler Höhe. The spa offers relaxation in an indoor and outdoor pool. A mushroom fountain and water jets will help your tired limbs recover while freshening up your body and soul. You’ll also discover a sauna world with outdoor sauna, waterfall and more. Tickets are available at a special price from the hotel.

    The Kurhessentherme
    Located in Kassel you’ll find a source of relaxation for the body and mind in a water landscape covering more than 1200 square meters. Large indoor and outdoor pools, thermal brine pools, whirlpools, waterfalls, springs, a large sauna area with different saunas and steam baths, a cinema, nudist area, a rocky landscape and solariums, all seducing you into a state of total relaxation. We are happy to assist you in organising tickets and transfers.

  • Culinary events

    Culinary delights for everyone:
    We prepare menus from five to seven courses for guests in our gourmet pavilion. We decorate your table according to your wishes, also displaying your company logo if required. Just talk to us! You’ll be surprised by all the possibilities and your guests will take many positive memories away with them.

    Fairy-tale event:
    Northern Hessian is the fairyland of the famous Brothers Grimm. Inspired by this fact, we offer numerous events centred around the fairy-tale theme. For example, a regional 4-course fairy-tale specialty menu. Guests can also experience the young “Viehmännin” who used to live and work in the “Knallhütte“ and discover lots of stories, legends and tales. Before she died she recounted all of these fairy-tales to the Brothers Grimm and thus became the most important fairy-tale woman, making her contribution to world heritage.

    Through a radio drama, guests can dive into the “Knallhütte“ era dating back 200 years ago. Listen to the horse’s snorting and the whip-cracking. Experience the bustle of the tavern as you listen to the stories of Dorothea Viehmann. A fabulous pleasure for young and old.

    Or listen to the Brothers Grimm yourself:
    “Gestatten Grimm” is a staged reading for adults featuring Stefan Becker and Carlo Ghirardelli. Here you will learn about the life and work of the Brothers Grimm. Wilhelm (Stefan Becker) and Jacob (Carlo Ghirardelli) Grimm tell stories about their lives. The famous fairy-tales, the trips, their visit to Goethe, the many women, the dictionary, “Göttinger Sieben“, politics, life in Kassel – in short: you’ll hear everything about the Brothers Grimm in one hour.

    Medieval feasting:
    Come and enjoy a 7-course meal in “Landgasthaus Grischäfer”, here in Bad Emstal. It is a special culinary experience with lots of medieval informality and fun. Visit for more information. From 10 people: € 33,00 (per person) in addition to the conference flat-rate.

    Of course …
    … many other adventures such as a dinner in the forest, driving a covered wagon, bike tours or evening barbecues are possible. Talk to us! We love trying out new things for you.

Flat-rate packages

Success depends on many factors. Our aim is for your meeting in our hotel to be a complete success. To show you how, we’ve put together some different arrangements. To build the perfect framework, you can choose from different options. But first, let us tell you about our regional and self-prepared meals: we do not use any flavour enhancers or pre-packaged convenience food. Everything is freshly prepared for you and your guests. This is what makes us proud.

Coffee breaks – Besides many different coffee specialties, for which we use freshly roasted beans, we also pamper you with 20 excellent types of tea. Hearty snacks such as pretzels with fresh herb cheese, freshly baked North Hessian “Green Cake”, vegetable sticks and also fresh fruit is available in the morning. In the afternoon our guests will be pleased to find freshly baked waffles, Grandma’s apple pie or North Hessian sour cream cake etc.

  • Flat-rate packages with half board

    Seminar Package “Team“ – half board –

    • welcome coffee
    • main conference room, according to number of people and service support
    • standard conference technology
    • coffee break
    • lunch from our “energy“ buffet

    Price per person – S – € 30,00
    + mineral water & juices inside conference room – L – € 37,00
    + 1 soft drink 0.3 l for lunch – XL – € 39,00

    Seminar Package “Innovation“ – half board –

    • welcome coffee
    • main conference room, according to number of people and service support
    • standard conference technology
    • coffee break in the morning and afternoon
    • lunch from our “energy“ buffet

    Price per person – S – € 33,50
    + mineral water & juices inside conference room – L – € 39,00
    + 1 soft drink for lunch – XL – € 41,00

  • Flat-rate packages with full board

    Seminar Package “Vision“ – full board –

    • welcome coffee
    • main conference room, according to number of people and service support
    • standard conference technology
    • coffee break in the morning and afternoon
    • lunch from our “energy“ buffet
    • regional, cold and warm North Hessian “Schlemmer“ buffet or country-specific specialty buffet

    Price per person – S – € 45,00
    + mineral water & juices inside conference room – L – € 50,00
    + 1 soft drink for each meal – XL – € 52,00

    Seminar Package “Rise“ – full board –

    • welcome coffee
    • main conference room, according to number of people and service support
    • standard conference technology
    • coffee break in the morning and afternoon
    • lunch from our “energy“ buffet
    • 4 course fairy-tale “Brothers Grimm“ menu

    Price per person – S – € 49,00
    + mineral water & juices inside conference room – L – € 57,00
    + 1 soft drink 0.3 l for lunch and all-inclusive drinks for dinner – XL – € 65,00