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Informations from A to Z

Alarm call: If you want to woken up please us the calling- function on your phone:

  • take off the receiver and dial the function *7601;

  • choose the time for you alarm-call (4 numbers) and press „0“;

  • then you will be woken up at the time you want.

  • Par Ex.: *76010730 + 0  you’ll be woken up at 7.30 o‘clock.

  • Clear the time by *7600.

Otherwise you tell your time for wakening at the reception.

Arrival: Your room is available from 14.00 o’clock. If you need your room earlier you can book an “early check inn” from 11:00 clock, for 10, 00€.

Baby phone: Get to request at the reception

Babysitter: We will help you to organize a babysitter. Please inform us one day in advance.

Bank: “The Kasseler Sparkasse” and the “Volksbank Raiffeisenbank” are in the centre of Bad Emstal, about 10 minutes by foot.

Bathrobe: You can get it at the reception (5. – €). Please, give it back at the reception the day of your departure.

Baby bed: Get to request at the reception

Bicycle hire: You can get more information at the reception.

Breakfast: Every day the buffet is opened from 6.30 o’clock – 10 o’clock for you.

Cleaning: You’ll find a bag for dirty clothes in your wardrobe. If it has to be cleaned by our housekeeping, please tell it at the reception. Giving in until 9.00 o’clock, return: after 12 hours.



Ironing your dress

8,00 Euro


7,00 Euro


9,20 Euro


5,00 Euro


5,00 Euro

Skirt / Shorts

6,00 Euro

Sports jacket

7,80 Euro


2,00 Euro


6,00 Euro

Underwear, night-dress

5,00 Euro


2,60 Euro

T- Shirt

3,00 Euro


1,00 Euro

Ironing your suit

8,00 Euro


5,00 Euro

Commands of printing: We can print your documents with our „multicolor-printer” just as brochures or cards. You can give us your documents by e-mail or by a stick.

Credit card: The following credit card are accepted: Mastercard, Visa Card, EC-Card (Maestro Card) and American Express

Departure: Please vacate your room till 11:00 clock at the day of your departure. If you need your room some time longer, you can book a “late check out” till 16:00 clock for 10, 00€. Please inform our Front Office about that. You can deposit your luggage at the Front Office.

doctors: Arcadia Praxisklinik, general practitioner Christoph Junge, Im Kurpark 1, 34308 Bad Emstal, phone: 0-923790

Dr. med. Martenstein, hydrotherapist, Kasseler Straße 61, phone: 0-99890

Dr. Landgrebe, ophthalmologist, Kasseler Straße 82, phone: 0-925055

Dr. Mathias Wasser, dentist, Hermannstr. 11, phone: 0-925211

E-Mail: During your stay we take your e-mails if you want. Please, tell it to our receptions. Our address for e-mails:

Excursions: You can get information and brochures at the reception.

Facebook: We like reading your contribution on our Facebook-page There you always can read topics around “Emstaler Höhe”.

Fax: Our reception can send your fax. (0.20 € the page). For coming fax choose number
+49 (0) 5624 509-200.

Flowers: We like to organize a bouquet of flowers for your darling. Please inform us one day in advance.

Football: National leagues, Champions league, etc. can to be seen in HD-quality in our hotel-bar “Kutscherstube”

Gas station: The next one is in Wolfhagen – Istha (8km).

Hairdresser: Salon Bubenheim, Balhorner Weg 19A, phone:0-9218940
Friseur Team Gaby Liebal, Kasseler Straße 30, phone: 0-6550

Hiking: There’s a nice walk, the “Habichtswaldsteig” from the Edersee to Kassel, then a “Walk around” (90 km). Because of our title “Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland” we can offer you a lot of material about the paths. It’s also possible to go on a walk from our house with GPS. You can lend an appliance for GPS. Then you can decide which route you want to walk.

House shoes / slippers: Do we prepare for you at the reception.

Hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, razors. We consider a selection available at the reception.

Important international dialing:

Switzerland 0041 Great Britain 0044

France 0033 Netherlands 0031

Italy 0039 Belgium 0032

USA 001

Important Phone number: Emergency call service: 9; Police: 0-110; Fire/Ambulance: 0 -112.

Information: About trains: Our employers will help you.

Internet: In our lobby we have an internet terminal free of charge. Or you used our free Wi-Fi HotSpot throughout the hotel. Connect this with the wireless “Emstaler Höhe, then open your Internet browser and select the lower left button “Get the logins here”. Enter your data here, the access will be provided to you ready and is valid for two devices.

Lobby: The „Brother Grimm“ Lobby is next to our reception. There you can use the Internet-terminal, or small library. We also like to serve you coffee, tea or refreshments.

Luggage: we like to help you with your luggage. Please tell it at the reception.

Mini-bar: You find it in your room. We offer you the drinks which are ready there. If you want to get other drinks in your mini-bar, please write it on the card and give it to the reception.

Newspapers: You´ll get it at the reception.

Parking: You can park your car without paying for it everywhere around the hotel

Pets: Pets are welcome in our house. The daily prize is 8. – € without food.

Pharmacy: Beyl’sche Apotheke, Kasseler Straße 61, phone: 0-99770.

Photocopies: It is possible to get it at the reception (0.20 € a page), also in colors until DIN A3.

Pillow: If you want another pillow or a pillow in addition you’ll tell it at the reception.

Playing room: Just behind the reception (Lobby).

Post: You get your post coming in on the reception; there you can hand over your post, too.

Postcards: You get postcards for free at reception.

Railway station: There is a railway-station in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

Reception: Everyday from 7.00 o’clock – 21.00 o’clock; phone: 9.

Rent a car: Our reception can help you to rent a car

Reservation: Do you want a special table? Please, reserve it in time.

Restaurant: Our restaurant is opened from 6.30 o’clock – 23.00 o’clock day by day. You can rest in the „Emstaler Märchenstube“, our „Pavilion“ and in the hotel-restaurant, as well at our sun-terrace during summer days. Our kitchen is openend from 12.00-14.00 o`clock and from 17:30-22:00 o`clock.

Safe: You receive the key for your safe with a ball of 5. – € at the reception. The charge of the safe:
1.00 € daily.

Service for shoes: An electric shoes polisher is available in the Lobby for you. Shoe brush or polish you can get at the reception.

Serving-service: Come and let helps us!

Shuttle-Service: We can take you to the railway-station or to the bus stop with our bus (9 seats). Please reserve it a day before.

Smoking: Here you may smoke: In our smoker’s rooms, on the terrace beside the reception or before the “Kutscherstube” with infra-red lamps for the little colder seasons. In all other areas and hotel rooms, also on the balconies the smoking is not permitted. It’s not allowed in all the other rooms.

Stamps: Stamps and envelopes are prepared for you at the reception.

Taxi: Our employers will call it for you.

Telephone: You find on in your room. Call number 0 and then your number you’ll get.

Tobacco: You will find a cigarette machine in our hotel-bar “Kutscherstube”